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Robbie Antenesse

About Robbie Antenesse

Robbie studied Religious Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from Colorado Christian University (CCU) with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology in 2012. He has since been working at CCU as an IT professional while doing hobby programming projects on the side. He believes that knowing how to use technology is an important tool to help you learn and understand the truth of the Bible.

You may have seen Bibles for sale with things like "NKJV" or "NIV" or even "HCSB" written somewhere on or inside of them. These are the indicators of what translation that particular Bible is using. Since the Bible was originally written in Hebrew (with some Aramaic thrown into the book of Daniel) in the Old Testament and then Greek in the New Testament, both of which are languages that nobody uses in their ancient forms anymore, we have relied on Biblical scholars and theologians to translate these sacred words for us into something that we can understand. ...continue reading "The Importance of Digging Deeper"