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Allow me to be the first to say "Welcome to Grace Aware!"

We're thrilled to have you here, and we hope that you find our resources and courses helpful on your journey to learn how to dig deeper into the Bible and find the peace that God provides through His grace and His gift of Jesus Christ.

Stop by the About Page to learn about this site, how we do things, and who's behind the content.

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Dave Weston

About Dave Weston

As an elder, home fellowship leader, and Bible teacher for over two decades, Dave became aware that Christians had slipped from teaching the Good News of the Gospel of Grace into legalistic disempowering doctrines that have held people back from knowing God's love. Dave has developed an integrated study method that focuses on eliminating presuppositions and equipping believers to see what's really in the Bible (and avoiding seeing what's not in the Bible!).

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